Zh. Sarsenova, Sh. Saimassayeva, A. Smaiyl


This article discusses the impact of suspended particles on human health, by providing small definitions of PM2.5, including how they appear, what particles they consist of, and how they harm the respiratory and circulatory systems.  In addition, the analysis of the pollution level of the city of Almaty for the last three years from March 22, 2017, to October 6, 2020, with categorical intermediate values of suspended particles was carried out. Careful work was done with the SCV file such as data was skipped in the cells, that is, there were empty values; translation to a single data type; filling in empty cells. It also considers making a decision on the six categories provided to identify the average meeting categories. The authors identified specific categories based on digital readings of values received from sensors, where each category has its own verbal values that are understandable for each person. The indicator displays with weights as a graph for a specific Seifullin-Dulatov sensor location with categorical and without categorical division. Then for each intersection or location of the sensors is shown in a table. It is also revealed which level or category is the rarest among the others and the most common category as well.

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air pollution, environmental monitoring, data analysis

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Pyagay, V.T., Sarsenova, Z.N., Duisebekova, K.S., Duzbayev, N.T., & Albanbai, N. (2020). Analysis and

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