Y. Kravchenko, O. Leshchenko, A. Trush, K. Dukhnovska, O. Kovtun


The paper considers a new direction of scientific research – «synergetics». The key provisions and its development as a science are considered. The focus is on open feedback systems as objects of research. The properties of these systems – openness, nonlinearity, dissipation and multidimensionality, allow the use of a synergistic approach in the study. Due to new trends in information technology in recent years, interest in the new architecture of Software Defined Networks has grown. A programmable controller is used as a control mechanism for SDN networks. The connection between the logical controller and the physical network is made using the OpenFlow protocol.  The graph of the network topology is presented as a set of key parameters that come to the controller. From the set of parameters, the key ones used in the study are selected. The dynamics of the ratio of key parameters under the condition of optimizing the network infrastructure is studied. The dynamics of the network corresponding to the stability condition is investigated by the methods of synergetic control theory. SDN network control is formed by methods based on the principle of self-organization of nonlinear systems. As a result, synergetic control is synthesized to increase the resistance of the control system to destructive influences. Based on the selected dynamic invariant, the possibility of providing the selection of the parameter of the SDN network management system for the transition to a controlled state is shown.

Ключевые слова

Control system, Software Defined Network, SDN, optimization, system stability, synergetic control, synergetic, attractor.

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