A. Mukasheva, D. Yedilkhan, M. Aldiyar


The article is devoted to the description of the method of multidimensional database, which is an effective method of data storage, which allows analyzing data qualitatively, and most importantly in a short time. The article discusses the capabilities of multidimensional databases, in particular, multidimensional OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) cubes when analyzing large amounts of data. Provides an overview and features of a multidimensional database and discusses the steps you need to take with a multidimensional database to understand the structure and capabilities of an OLAP cube. To create a knowledge base, it describes the steps you can take to create and execute a multidimensional database that you can collect from various sources, save to a database, and then prepare a report using OLAP analysis. Various information system data processing technologies such as OLTP and OLAP were considered. The algorithm of the data storage process for analysis purposes was studied. A model of a multidimensional database in the form of a three-dimensional cube was presented. Examples of analysis and ways of obtaining information from the data cube were also given. The use of a multidimensional database in higher education institutions as a simple and effective method of data storage is considered. There are also illustrations of the structure of a higher educational institution to see the bulkiness of information, and what kind of information database operates in the educational institution.

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Information system, Database, OLAP, OLTP, three-dimensional, one-dimensional, data analysis

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